I’m writing a first draft reference document (Tock Reference Document) for the Time HILs in Tock. Progress had been pretty slow going, but I’ve determined to just get through it today.

Already one positive result is that going through and trying to explain the traits in my head illumated that the Frequency associated type belongs in the Time trait, rather than the Alarm trait as it currently is. That was a really straight forward fix.

The naming of the Frequency trait and Frequency associated type (notice they are the same?) is making it a bit clumsy to explain, even though I think these names actually make it more intuitive to use.

Explaining what disable and is_armed in the Time trait is a bit rough around the edges because we haven’t yet introduced any notion of interrupts/events related to time. Also, WTF do you call a hardware controller that does something with time (e.g. and alarm or timer).

Both Alarm and Timer are fairly straight forward, so if anything explaining them is hard becuase, what do you write? I think the result is acceptable for now, let’s see what other folks think… PR here